Berkay Dincman

Berkay Dincman

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Username * individium
Country * Turkey
City istanbul


Availability: student


im a student and studying traditional turkish arts in my university specially working on ottoman and asian miniatures (high detailed little paintings without perspective) other than that tezhib (decorative book art with gold and paint) and a little khat(old turkish and arabic calligraphy) and a little bookbinding (again old turkish style)

but becouse i can never stop myself from exploring new things and doing different kinds of work. thanks to credit system in our school i've taken classes of animation, sketch, print(etching and linolium), lightning, make-up, glass, 3D(rhinoceros), language of movies(sorry for bad translation), flash, adobe premiere, visual basic...
of course taking each of these classes half a year did not give me any expertise but were a good start for each of them and much better is i learned many things that i can use together.

i also work as a freelance artist:
as a work i've done concept designing for t-shirt and pattern design for textile material, charecter designer and illustrator for some kind of card game for children,
and for last 2 years i'm making miniatures and paintings with acrilyic, watercolour and airbrush on demand.

unfortunately i had the chance to have my first computer 3 years ago (which im still using now) and im trying my best to develop in that part.

im also working on creative ideas and new art styles (all in progress and mostly digital)

i also write short stories and stuff and i make music too(composition lyrics play singing) but both non-pro.

im open for any offers for work or any offers that'll give me chance to learn things and improve myself .


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